A premium contextual commerce experience

UX Design
Marketing Support

Working closely with Youtime’s founder, Steve Terry, we helped realise his vision for an ecommerce platform that felt more like your favourite editorial magazine brought to life.  

The goal we were working towards was an experiential digital world that allows readers to shop items recommended by tastemakers, or to simply invest time in themselves.

Balancing form and function

Expanding creative direction

We applied a design thinking approach to translate Swedish brand agency, Nudla’s, original vision into a digital setting.

Forging a flexible design system

Leveraging an atomic design approach we created a scalable system of components and elements to bring the website to life.

Ready for launch

To support the upcoming release of the new experience we designed a series of hype building marketing assets.

Blending practical and aspirational

In our work, we identified a central governing idea of ‘connection’ which inspired us to devise a brand presence that is premium, warm and uniquely grounded in the person consuming the content.

Encouraging purchase through exploration

Youtime is pioneering the idea of contextual commerce. This is the idea that you can explore rich content whilst being recommended products in an unobtrusive and natural manner. We responded to this mission with minimal yet intuitive shopping features included in content areas.

User experience that surprises and delights

We developed unexpected elements like a light and dark mode toggle, or integrated shop buttons to make this website a place you love to get lost in.

Building hype and awareness

As Youtime ramped up activity and prepared for their launch, we supported the team with adjacent marketing content and collateral.

“When I first heard the words ‘authentic wellbeing’ I was immediately intrigued. It was really important to me that we create a digital atmosphere that genuinely made people feel invited, and ultimately became a place they wanted to keep coming back to. I think we achieved that with beautiful design, intuitive UX and engaging content.”

Nick lehrain | oliver grace creative director & Co-founder

The outcome

Convert Digital

Youtime burst onto the market with much fanfare from industry and consumer press. Youtime continues to secure partnerships with amazing brands and individuals, all keen to be part of this exciting new venture.