Nourished Life

An Australian favourite reborn

Nourished Life
Brand Identity
UX Design
Content Strategy

What started with Irene Falcone’s mission has now grown into a thriving community of Nourished Life shoppers each on their own path to cleaner and healthier living. We wanted to celebrate these individual journeys and deliver the next iteration of the brand that felt familiar yet exhibited a more mature, refined aesthetic.

A uplifted brand identity and refined user experience

A new visual identity

We worked closely with the Nourished Life team to sensitively update this much loved Aussie natural beauty destination.

Ecommerce website design

With thousands of products on offer we applied the new brand to an easy-to-shop new website experience.

Roll-out across all touchpoints

To bring this revitalised brand to life, this new identity was rolled out across all touchpoints. From website and social, all the way through to packaging.

“At Nourished Life we are committed to our mission of sourcing the cleanest and most natural products available. We have built a passionate audience of conscious shoppers that trust our offering and recommendations. We needed our brand and online shopping experience to reflect that.”

Lani Barmakov | E-Commerce Director Nourished Life

A flexible identity

Nourished Life required two seperate identifiers. One logomark that could represent the masterbrand and a second mark that could be used to brand their private brand offering. We worked closely with Nourished Life to create these two symbols that could be applied appropriately on products and brand collateral.

A new digital marketplace

When designing the new experience, there were a lot of things to consider. The website itself houses an incredible volume of brands and products. With such variety we set out to deliver a human-centred, intuitive shopping experience that made the ‘switch to natural’ easy, exciting and encouraged people to try something new.

Mobile first

Website analytics are important tools for making sure design decisions reflect what real people are doing on a site. In the case of Nourished Life, the data clearly indicated that users were shopping on mobile.

Understanding the need to keep the mobile experience front and centre was important considering Nourished Life’s significant offering. Our objective had to be to make a wide range of products and categories as simple and intuitive as possible.

Growing the brand together

As Nourished Life’s new identity emerged we cemented our relationship by offering ongoing marketing and design support, collaborating on multiple campaigns, competitions, and product quizzes.

The results

Studio Outside
Yoghurt Digital

Nourished Life’s brand update showed an immediate increase in activity from members new and old. The new website experience encouraged shopping, increased value of orders and ensured more customers left with more products to explore and fall in love with!