An energising new experience

Sustagen (Nestle)
UX Design
Brand Strategy

As one of Australia’s leading nutritional supplement ranges, Sustagen required a website that was both functionally smooth and effectively communicated their purpose. 

We were excited to help this well known Aussie staple clearly articulate its brand story and products with a refocused brand strategy and fresh new website experience.

A refocused brand strategy and user experience

Brand architecture

We worked with the Nestle Health Science team to group, categorise and represent the Sustagen range through intuitive language and identifiers.

Website design

Our new strategy was applied to an updated website experience that communicated the benefits of the Sustagen range.

User testing

We stress tested our new designs with real users, finding opportunities to optimise and enhance the experience.

Making healthy choices

In a crowded market with so many choices, Sustagen required a clear way to effectively articulate the value of each of their products to a variety of specific audiences. 

To do so, we conducted a thorough inspection of their brand architecture. Our work continued with a refocused brand strategy and a fresh new website experience that allowed each product in their broad range to shine.

“Oliver Grace believes an optimum (and fundamental) website experience must be responsive. We always ensure our digital designs are tailored for scalable screen sizes and different device types. This often means adapting the display of content for small spaces, such as mobile screens, and doing so in a way that will ensure visitors don’t miss the important information.”

Nick Lehrain | Oliver Grace Creative Director

A clear architecture

Sustagen boasts a broad range of products which cater to a variety of dietary needs, medical conditions and performance requirements. 

Working with Sustagen’s internal brand guardians, we documented a consistent set of identifiers, icons and messages to match every product in every collection.

The results

With a refurbished strategy and renewed user experience in their toolkit, Sustagen can continue their work delivering balanced nutrition to Australians. We’re happy our work helped clearly articulate and represent the impressive variety of products, which tested well with audience groups and interviewees alike.