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Depending on where you live, work and play, you may not feel safe in every situation, especially when on your own. That’s why the Lifestream app provides all the contact and personal safety features you could possibly want to feel safe, seen and secure.

Oliver Grace has had the pleasure of working with Lifestream over the past few years, helping them to flesh out new features, refine existing ones and ensure that the usability of this tool is both seamless and convenient.

Designing an experience that
reduces the anxiety of going out alone

User experience and app design

Oliver Grace has helped Lifestream shape the look and feel of their app experience. But more importantly, we’ve worked closely together to refine the functionality and flows of each feature
to ensure they work harmoniously.

A desireable online presence

Prior to public release of the app, Lifestream trialled the experience with test audiences to identify areas for improvement or opportunity. Oliver Grace designed a promotional website for communicating their unique offer and to gather interest prior to their full public launch.

Targeted promotion tools

As Lifestream has promoted their app and service to various target audiences, they’ve required promotional tools to educate and capture interest from these potential customers. To support these marketing and sales endeavours, Oliver Grace also designed information packs aimed at specific audiences and use-cases.

Design, test, refine and repeat

Aimed at a range of user types and use-cases; from students travelling to and from school, to businesses wanting to ensure the security of their staff; the possibilities for what tools Lifestream might include to provide the greatest value were extensive.

Hence, prototyping and testing have been so fundamental for Lifestream. Prioritising tools, refining their user experience and ensuring their technical feasibility have been exercises critical to preparing the app for release.

Grid of Lifestream app screens

“Our partnership with Oliver Grace has spanned several years and over that time Oliver Grace has consistently delivered quality work including website, marketing collateral and mobile application UI and UX work.

The team and process are creative, well structured and results driven which makes working with Oliver Grace easy, efficient and enjoyable.

Oliver Grace has made a significant contribution to the evolution of Lifestream and we’re very grateful to have them as a trusted partner.”

Andrew Leigh | Chief Executive Officer

Safety for all plus premium options

Lifestream believes everyone deserves to feel safe, secure and connected, which is why their app provides basics like free voice calls and location-based check-ins out of the box.

For those customers who want access to 24/7 emergency response centre, as well as features like live video and SOS instant messaging, more robust functionality has also been designed. Our objective from a design perspective was to create a seamless experience that could be scaled up as required.

The results

It’s early days for the Lifestream app in the market, but they’re already offering something that no one else can – an all-in-one solution for feeling safe and secure that you can have at your fingertips, anywhere and at anytime.