Re-modelling the 3D survey experience

User experience design
Marketing support

LARKI is a web portal for different types of digital site and neighbourhood information for early stage architecture projects. Information provided through LARKI can be used for land surveying, architectural design and statutory planning projects but might also be used for other purposes such as real estate transactions or strategic planning.

We assisted LARKI in developing a product experience that allowed users to secure or commission exactly the type of data required to deliver their project with confidence.

Empowering architects through new technology

User experience design

Working closely with CEO Simon Cookes we reimagined LARKI’s detailed and powerful user interface

User research

Applying a design thinking lens we prototyped and tested part of the experience with real LARKI users

New website and marketing

new online presence and suite of marketing assets were created to increase awareness and understanding of LARKI’s unique value proposition.

Building advocacy

LARKI’s communications need to communicate both technical and conversion driving messages. A deep passion for problem solving within the design community is championed through a new LARKI website and supporting event activities.

A consistent brand across both digital and print

LARKI were moving fast and gaining traction in their industry, and we needed to move quickly with them to help create a strong brand identity and presence across both digital and physical.

“Oliver Grace took our company aesthetics to the next level with a creative ‘Oliver’ twist and very aptly took on our challenge with professionalism and ‘Grace’. Nick was fun and flexible, and his team executed with full marks. We are an early stage 3D tech startup in the architecture and property development space. Oliver Grace quickly got us, and reimagined our whole digital user interface design system and even helped set up some templates for our marketing, sales and investment material. I have no doubt Oliver Grace’s beautiful work contributed to our early sales and investment. Thank you Oliver Grace. ”

Simon Cookes | Larki Founder & CEO

The results

The breadth of work for LARKI spanned across all mediums, and this allowed us to define and build brand consistency, and helped LARKI to establish a high level of professionalism within its industry.

We delivered a comprehensive series of high quality designs which catered to the entire user journey; from onboarding and measuring survey data, through to purchasing and viewing within LARKI’s native 3D Viewer. Every scenario was accounted for, and in some cases prototyped, allowing us to test and validate the experience.

Pre-seed Funding
Team size