Justice Professional by Just Cuts

Perfectly matched hair colour from the comfort of your home

Just Cuts
UX Design

Two years in the making, JUSTICE Professional’s Ammonia-Free Permanent Colour range was born from the minds of Australia’s hair masters. In collaboration with world-renowned chemists, they worked to bring their vision of a high-quality, ammonia-free colour to life. Justice Professional required a tool that was strong on ‘education engagement’, helping to build trust and manage the customer’s expectations around what hair colour can be safely achieved without the need of a professional salon.

Building the colour match experience

Product strategy

Dry? Wavy? Long? A lot goes into finding the perfect match for your hair colour. We worked closely with the Justice Professional team to better understand their audience, success measures, risks, and creative vibe.

Creative direction

We crafted a colourful look and feel to reflect the new natural ammonia-free formula that’s bursting with botanical ingredients.

Design & development

Following the rapid testing of a mobile prototype, we delivered an engaging experience which incorporated colourful, bespoke illustrations and detailed design system.

A lot of logic goes in to creating a flawless colour experience

Our design challenge was to provide customers with their ideal hair colour based on their unique requirement. Depending on the information they provided, different shades were recommended for their individual colouring needs.

We stress-tested the engine with multiple scenarios to ensure accurate product suggestions, resulting in an easy-to-navigate experience that educates the audience as they explore their options.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the solution Oliver Grace delivered for the Justice Hair Quiz experience. The design was not only beautiful to look at, but it also effectively captured the essence of the brand and provided an intuitive and seamless user experience. The quiz was able to accurately guide users through a user-friendly set of steps, thanks to the attention to detail and OG’s deep understanding of the project requirements. Their solution was perfect and exceeded all expectations.”

Kelly Gaunt | Just Cuts Marketing Manager

A match made in heaven

Bringing the quiz to life with JUSTICE was both a creative and technical challenge. After launching, the new Ammonia Free Colour quickly became the #1 selling range in their online JUSTICE stores. We’re delighted to say that over 35,000 users visited the colour match quiz in a 6 month period, with over 33% of those users successfully achieved a colour-match result.