Flora & Fauna

Refining a B Corp’s brand presence

Flora & Fauna
Brand identity
User experience design

When brands experience rapid growth, it’s important to periodically come up for air to reflect and reassess the path forward. And we supported B Corp Certified ecommerce platform Flora & Fauna in doing just that.

To empower the next chapter of this business, we created a refreshed brand identity and thoughtfully redesigned website experience.

Creating a platform fit for purpose

Identifying what’s special

Working closely with the founding team, we guided a reflection process to develop a strategy that would both leverage existing brand capital and allow the blooming business to continue to flourish. 

Elevating identity

With an idea of elements that needed to be retained and protected, we delivered an updated brand identity including a refreshed logo, new illustrations, colour palette and typography.

Reshaping UX and UI 

By simplifying the shopping experience, making a recycling program more intuitive and adding a new set of icons, we crafted a user experience that makes spending time with this purpose-driven brand feel all the more natural.

What do you see, think and feel when shopping online?

We asked ourselves these questions when conducting a thorough UX review of the website. In response, we created a scalable new design system, strongly informed by strategy and aesthetic creation direction.

The OG team are fantastic. Great humans, very humble. They are very knowledgeable to boot. I’m loving seeing F&F grow up and grow into itself.

Julie Mathers, Flora & Fauna Founder

The results

Flora & Fauna’s outside now perfectly matches the good intentions of its insides. Natural design elements, cohesive creative direction and a seamless user experience set this brand up for immediate and ongoing success.