Show-stopping ecommerce

Digital Brand Refresh
UX Design

Refreshing this iconic fashion label’s digital identity was a true delight. Our goal was to not only elevate this brand, but to deliver a high-performance website and seamless user experience that would foster continued growth for years to come.

Our goal? To not only elevate the brand but to also deliver a high-performance website and amazing user experience that would allow Decjuba’s online presence to grow, for years to come.

Paving the road to a modern, clean interface

Digital brand refresh

It all starts with branding. To create a cohesive aesthetic direction we defined colours, typography and art direction.

UX research and testing

10 hours and 10 in-depth conversations with real life shoppers allowed us to gather key insights and develop recommendations that defined our direction moving forward.

Ecommerce website design

Armed with brand story and data, we worked closely with a development team to bring the newly skinned website to life.

How we got there

Through collaborative workshops, we landed on a mobile-first approach to this project. One that celebrated beautiful photography, executed in a way that invited online shoppers to get up close and personal with Dejuba products. With a carefully selected new typeface and guides for art direction we built a refreshed, cohesive and dynamic brand universe.

Ask the people

With the aim to improve conversion, we applied a human-centred design process to create an entirely new Shopify website. Never ones to shy away from testing and learning, we built prototypes and conducted user interviews to stress-test our designs.

“We worked closely with Decjuba to update their digital presence with sensitivity and style. We sought to create a shopping experience that encouraged exploration, confidence in purchasing and presented Decjuba’s products in the beautiful setting that they deserved. ”

Nick Lehrain | Oliver Grace Creative Director

The results


Armed with an aspirational brand image and easy to navigate ecommerce platform, this fashion mainstay has the ability to connect with audiences and compete with contemporaries now and in the future.