A new chapter for an IT institution

Brand Re-fresh
Brand Strategy

For over 30 years, Compnow has been delivering industry-leading IT solutions to a wide range of businesses, big and small. Their visual branding, however, required a significant system update to reflect the cutting-edge nature of their offering. The aim of this project was to reaffirm Compnow’s market position with distinctive branding that could play a functional role throughout the various dimensions of the business. Ensuring there could be no mistake about the IT space in which they play.

The idea

One of the most prominent themes from our workshops with Compnow was their immense pride in building unique solutions for their clients.

In reflection of their years of expertise, durable systems and commitment to custom-built solutions, we developed a clear articulation of their core purpose: Compnow provides organisations with the building blocks to grow.

A modern upgrade for a brand built on integrated innovation

Messaging and voice foundations

Working closely with their team, we established an ownable tone of voice, tagline, and key messaging to cut through the crowd.

Visual identity

The new logo was inspired by Compnow’s building blocks concept. From here, our creative direction stretched out across the adaptive typefaces, digital and print collateral, website design, and even wrapped Teslas.

Sub-branding for scalability

To build longevity into this brand, we extended this roll-out to the sub-brand layers of Compnow’s business that were sitting in the pipeline for the future.

A future-proof platform with boundless potential

This was a layered and exciting challenge. Compnow’s visual language had to embody both the cutting-edge nature of their services, whilst simultaneously representing 30 years of expertise and heritage. Additionally, this refreshed design system had to be supremely adaptable, with the ability to perform across a huge range of applications.

Delivering impact, bit by bit

Compnow has transformed their head office in Melbourne and buildings across the country to showcase this distinct, cohesive new branding. This refreshed visual identity is a blood source that seamlessly connects every aspect of the business. The presence of this brand now suitably reflects the services their business provides: proactive, high-powered and innovative.