A new chapter for an Australian skincare icon

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Campaign Production

Launched in 2007 Sukin has gained a devoted following for it’s no-nasties approach to natural skincare.

In line with a growing demand for more targeted skincare solutions, Sukin has risen to the challenge in their own unique Aussie style with the their new ‘Natural Actives’ range of serums. Our brief was to launch this new range in an impactful and exciting campaign that brought together the power of active ingredients and natural botanicals. This was also an opportunity for Sukin to re-invigorate their brand positioning as a whole.

When active met natural

Brand strategy

Carving a cohesive story protecting the values that lead to Sukin’s success, whilst ushering a new chapter for the brand.

Creative direction

Creating a loud, vibrant and memorable campaign aesthetic to let consumers, new and old, know Sukin is back.

Campaign design roll-out

Armed with a detailed strategy and a creative direction designed to cut through, we set to work rolling out each of the creative assets across digital and physical touchpoints.

How we got there

We worked closely with the Sukin team delving into both the innovative ingredients of the new products and the history of the brand. We outlined what aspects of the Sukin story needed to be protected and where there was room for fresh ideas.

Our response was the ‘Sukin Lab’, a concept that talks to the very real place in which these powerful products are produced with both care and a trademark Sukin consciousness.

“They absolutely nailed the strategic challenge, the brief was incredibly complex with regards to what we needed to achieve and the team took the time to deep dive and really understand every detail. They are an incredibly lovely team to interact with and we felt like colleagues rather than client/agency. I’ve not experienced getting all those elements and services together from one place before. I’m honestly just super happy with everything from initial workshop and scoping through to final execution.”

Viv Foulsum | Senior Brand Manager – Sukin

The results

Photography — Tracy Lee Hayes
Videography — Sean Mulquiney

With the aim of shifting market perception towards an efficacious, innovative, yet conscious brand, we successfully launched the ‘Sukin Lab’ concept alongside the release of their Natural Actives Serums.